Blue Mountains Photographer Ben Pearse

Three Sisters at the Three Sisters- Fine art landscape print


Three Sisters at the Three Sisters- Ben Pearse 2012 

I was taking some images over to the right of the lookout and happened to glance over as some  nice light was now on the three sisters rock formations. I noticed three figures on the lookout  that looked like nuns peering into the Jamison valley… (surely not I’m thinking) I quickly raced in  behind the figures, framing up the rock formations into the composition with the nuns. It was  freezing cold day and I could tell they were about to leave, so I rapidly fired off a few shots as the  golden afternoon light filled the scene. The nuns hurriedly turned and walked away from the  lookout and no words were exchanged between us. As I packed up my gear, I remember  thinking, ‘did that really just happen’…?

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