Welcome to the first blog here at benpearsephotography


Welcome to the first posting for Ben Pearse Photography. Firstly a big thanks to all of the incredible support I have received via my facebook page. I really didn’t think my photographic journey would be embraced by so many…….A huge thankyou for that! It makes a huge difference in knowing that people are really enjoying my photography.

So whats with the blogs then, you say. I thought I would give people, the option, to get a more in depth look at Ben Pearse Photography. I’m looking forward to sharing more regular photos and some of the behind the scenes processes and information in getting the photos to the selling floor. For me photography is really about showing you what I see when i’m out in the field. It’s about how I interpret the scene i’m looking at compared to everyone else and how i want you to see it too. I can’t think of a better area to live in and whilst other photographers might journey to other sides of the globe, i’m happy to stay focused right here for now. i just love it! There’s so much to show you…..

I hope in time that people will get an insight into my photography and what drives me to want to showcase the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia to the rest of the world. I hope you find the time to tune in when you can and see what I’ve been up to.

See you out there….

cheers ben

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  1. Hi Ben…
    you’re doing fantastically well !! now a blog… i always feel it’s good to have a blog where you can chat more about things and how you envision things ! AGain… nice work !!

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