Weeping Rock- Leura

Weeping rockLocated down from Leura Cascades and under Bridal Veil falls in Leura, Weeping Rock is one of my favourite places to shoot waterfall photos. After arriving on this location I proceeded to get into the swing of things by wading into the water as usual. At one point I was up to my chest to get the angle I wanted for another shot. It was about then that I realised my phone was still in my pocket and currently 3 feet under water! So realising that the phone was probably stuffed by now I continued getting the shot I wanted and then went back to dry ground to see what sort of shape my blackberry was in……..I guess I wont be taking calls this afternoon then, totally soaked and beyond repair.
I have always enjoyed getting right into the bush and exploring all the little nooks and cranies. I think thats drew me into rockclimbing in the first place, the adventure of it all. So when I’m taking waterfall shots i’m often not happy until i’m waist deep in the water to get the shot. It’s like if I don’t get in and see if there is a better composition from the water it will bug me until I return. It is also about capturing the mood of a scene, the way the water looks, the light, colour, the lot and if I need to get closer to feel it, then so be it. I guess I just love water…..and being in it lol

So you will be sure to see more shots from this great location. This print is available for purchasing here.

see you out there

cheers ben

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