White Balance Wristband by Ben Pearse


The white balance wristband by Ben Pearse is a portable white balance tool for photographers that you wear
on your wrist, allowing you to always have a white balance reference point to check when editing your photos.
As a professional photographer I’m always looking to capture my images as best as I can in camera. One
of the most important and crucial aspects is getting your base white balance dialled in from
the start. Most professionals will use, grey cards & colour checkers charts whilst in the
studio, however we don’t always remember these things when were out on location. To
solve this problem, I’ve developed the silicone “White Balance Wristband”, which is simply
worn as a wristband so that you always have a white balance checker wherever you go.

The White balance Wristband works with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

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Keep it on your wrist and never forget a white balance setting again!

By placing the White Balance Band somewhere in your photo, it creates a small grey area to
reference when you’re reviewing and editing your photos. Simply place the white balance
eye dropper tool on the band when you’re editing, and you’ll have a great base starting
point for your white balance reading. Whether you place your white balance band near
some products you’re photographing or perhaps hand it to your bride or model, whilst you
dialling in your white balance tests shots.

The white balance band is a fast, reliable, cost-effective tool that will make editing your
photos much easier. The white balance band gives me a valuable point of reference when
reviewing and editing my photos. It’s perfect for many different genres on photography,
such as weddings, commercial, portraiture, property & much more.

I always have my White Balance band on my wrist, ready to go! Get yours today…

See the instructional video on how to use your White balance Wristband here


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