Three Sisters at the Three Sisters


This is by far my most famous photo I’ve captured over the years….the story goes like this. I was at the adjacent lookout at echo point capturing some images of the jamison valley as the sun was setting. As I looked over to my left I noticed three very real nuns standing at the lookout taking in the sunset of the three “sandstone sisters”. I quickly circled over to the other lookout cleaning up my frame in the camera as I got closer. I could tell they were getting ready to leave as it was a freezing cold winter’s afternoon, so I moved quicker. I zoomed in tight making sure to frame the three “sandstone” sisters in the golden light in the background…breath, press the shutter, got it. As soon as I took the shot the scene changed as the sisters (nuns) moved hurriedly away, no doubt in search of a warmer location. I guess it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time…
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