Reflections of a fern

I recently took a trip out to the Glow worm tunnel in the Wollemi National Park to have a look at some canyon type areas for possible images. What amazed me about this area was the incredible ferns that grew in such quantities and size. It was like being transported into some jurassic park like movie set at times, without the flesh eating dinosaurs of course. Coming across this image I noticed how the water in the pool was a strange orange in colour. This occurs when iron oxide deposits react with oxygen in the air, giving the rusty coloured effect in the water. This effect on the colour of the water makes for a great photo when coupled with the lush green ferns, creating a spectacular scene.

Reflections of a fern


I also managed to capture a few other images on the day including the iconic blue tongued lizard that you can see here on my Ben Pearse Photography facebook page. I look forward to returning to this area to experience and capture some more beautiful scenes. This image is available for purchase here. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Anzac day, take care……..

cheers ben

more images from the same area…….enjoy

Glow worm tunnelFern Poolferns reaching for lightAbsence of light


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