Cicadas-A short but noisey life

Breaking free
Breaking free

Cicadas are one of those things that tell us that summer must be on the way. I was completely amazed the other night when I went outside to see heaps of these little guys struggling to get to higher ground in order to shed their skin. Australia has some 237 species of cicadas and I reckon half of them were on my porch the other night. They live for at least a year underground feeding on sap from roots of trees. Upon emergence you can often hear that distinctive hum(some would call it a great racket) in the air….Cicadas tend to live for only a few weeks after years underground.

I can remember walking through different parts of the bush in summer to that almost deafening noise at times. As a young boy with my brothers and friends we would spend summer days trying to capture the elusive “black prince“, where apparently you could take it to the local chemist for money……..never did see any cash for our efforts…..another urban myth we believed. I don’t quite know what attracts me to these curious, noisey critters. Perhaps it’s the alien, like act of bursting out of their body and evolving into something different, or their attention seeking shrieks I hear when I’m walking, I’m just not sure. However I can tell you this, if I do find a black prince in the front yard this summer I’m going straight to the local chemist to get some of that cash……….lol

Thanks for reading, cheers ben

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The climb up-September 2013-Web size Cicada holes- September 2013-Web size New body- September 2013-Web size Coming out- September 2013- Web size Tough climb-September 2013- Web size Hitching a ride 2- September 2013-Web size Rebirth- September 2013-Web size Having a seat-September 2013-Web size Hannging on-September 2013- Web size Lttle friend-September 2013- Web size Line of cicadas- September 2013- Web size Cicada on the branch-September 2013-Web size Old body- September 2013- Web size

seeking higher ground
seeking higher ground

Cicada--September-2013--low-res Moved-on--September-2013--low-res End-of-the-road--September-2013--low-res Cicada-shell--September-2013--low-res

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