A photographic year in review -2014

Wow, that went fast! So as I start gearing up for 2015 I thought i’d reflect on a few moments from 2014 that stood out for me, photographically speaking. One of my highlights was getting to work on a “feature series’ that was filmed here in the Blue Mountains. I […]

Dogface & Landslide, Blue Mountains, Australia.

On January 26, 1931 a large fissure of rock (Dogface) some 5 to 9 feet wide separated itself from a section of Katoomba cliffline creating a large semi detached rock  precariously poised over the jamison valley. A short time later on January 28, local residents were awakened at 4am as […]

Black & White Photography

Sometimes I feel that colour doesn’t always do a photo justice. In order to truly see what is in some photos, you sometimes have to strip away the colour leaving just the black & white contrasting shades & tones. I was brought up early on a healthy diet of B&W […]

Wentworth Falls lake

I can remember swimming across Wentworth Falls lake, a large and vast open body of water, (well so it seemed like when your 10) as a  young kid growing up in the Blue Mountains. As a kid you were elevated to a higher status amongst your peers (local street kids) […]

Lady Luck Festival 2014

It was that time again this year when all things 1950’s descended upon the township of Katoomba and the Carrington Hotel for the annual  Lady Luck Festival . Held on the 17 & 18th of January this year, the weather produced a summer scorcher as hot rods lined the main street […]

Leura falls, Blue Mountains

Leura falls is one of those areas that pops up in a photo once in a blue moon. I had been to these beautiful falls many years ago without a camera & decided it was high time that I went back and took some photos. It’s one of those locations […]

Cicadas-A short but noisey life

Cicadas are one of those things that tell us that summer must be on the way. I was completely amazed the other night when I went outside to see heaps of these little guys struggling to get to higher ground in order to shed their skin. Australia has some 237 […]

Smoke & Light

In Australia we live under the constant threat of bushfires & hence the need for controlled hazard reduction burning on a regular basis to help reduce bushfire severity. It has been a particularly dry winter period so the RFS  has been out & about trying to burn as much fuel as […]

Narrowneck plateau, Katoomba

If I had to name one, if not my favourite, all time locations in the Blue Mountains it would have to be Narrowneck plateau in Katoomba, NSW, Australia. I was first introduced to the this area, along with my brother Simon, some 25 years ago when we first started rock […]

Ruined Castle

The ruined castle is a popular and distinct  sandstone rock outcrop in the Jamison valley within the World Heritage Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia. I have ventured out there for a walk on numerous occasions and also camped within the ruins many moons ago. A great sight of this wonderful sandstone […]

Tuncurry, NSW Australia

recently found myself enjoying a little sun & sand in the gorgeous coastal town of Tuncurry in NSW, Australia. Located approx 300 kms north east of Sydney, it is a a popular tourist destination for many holiday makers. One of my favourite places to take a stroll is on the […]

Jamison Valley- Blue Mountains

One of best viewing platforms to see the beautiful Jamison valley in the Blue Mountains has always been from Echo Point in Katoomba. From this very popular tourist destination you can often see jamison valley transform through it’s different moods before your eyes. The valley is a sandstone area much like […]

Phantom Falls…….Blue Mountains

One of the great natural phenomenons that occurs in the upper Blue Mountains is the little known “phantom falls”.  Without boring you too much with the science behind it…., it basically requires warm humid that is heated by the sun rays in the Jamison Valley colliding with much cooler air […]

Three Sisters

The 3 Sisters is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks attracting millions of visitors each year. In my younger days I worked as a climbing guide and have taken hundreds of people to the summit of these unique sandstone formations, unfortunately you are no longer allowed to climb these peaks. […]

Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival 2013

So as the drumbeat fades into the distance it marks the close of another great Winter Magical Festival that was held in world heritage listed, Blue Mountains, Australia. As usual the event was held in Katoomba on the winter solstice, meaning the shortest day of the year. We got lucky with the weather […]


I think in the future when I have the time I’d like to dedicate a whole chunk of time to just looking and photographing people….here’s some I have taken over the last few years that I personally liked…    

2013- A year through the lens

So as the smoke fades from the last of the fireworks over Sydney, which I watch in comfort from my loungeroom, I start to reflect on the year that was 2013 through the images I captured. Last year was a year that would see me share allot of images online, […]


I think you either like Cockatoos or you don’t. They are a very common Australian bird and can be rather cheeky and a little noisey at times. I for one really like them. I think they have allot of character and I like their cheeky side too. They also do […]


I really thought I’d got my Cicada photos out of my system with the last blog……I guess not. They tell me that every seven or so years we get plague like proportions of these little fellas, and this year is one of them. The warm weather has brought them out […]